Esaret Episode 259 With English Subtitle

Esaret Episode 259 With English Subtitle

Esaret Episode 259 With English Subtitle .The eagerly watched series of Kanal 7 screens, Esaret, meets its audience with its second season. The unfinished story of Orhun, who has become a secretive person again with the pain of losing Hira, and Hira, who is dragged into a great unknown, locks the audience in front of the screen.

The popular series of the screens, Redemption, continues like a bomb from where it left off with its second season. Hira and Orhun’s love, which started in the desert and then plunged into endless darkness, gives the audience exciting moments this season as well.


Season 2 Storyline

A year has passed since Hira’s death. Orhun, who said goodbye to the woman he loved at her corpse, is in shambles. As he drowns in the deep grief of grief, those around him disappear with him. Most of all, little Ali, who is attached to Hira like his mother! As everything slips away from Orhun, a guest from the past comes to the mansion. It hangs over the memory of both Ali and Hira like a dark shadow disguised as goodness.

Esaret Episode 259

Orhun is forced to make a difficult decision. For Ali; For the sake of the health and happiness of his little nephew, whom he loves like his life, will he once again embark on a path he said he would never take, and betray the love in his heart? But there is a fact that Orhun does not know.

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